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“Steve, your beef just keeps getting better!”

“Your passion for quality, nutrient dense beef is very apparent.  My family and I greatly appreciate knowing that our beef comes from a source that strives to make happy, healthy animals raised on top quality grass.  I pass on your information whenever I can! – John, Boise”

Lies, Damn Lies

IN 2001, RUMORS were circulating in Greek hospitals that surgery residents, eager to rack up scalpel time, were falsely diagnosing hapless Albanian immigrants with appendicitis. This later turned into a formal study showing that, for whatever reason, the appendices removed from patients with Albanian names in six Greek hospitals were more than three times as likely to […]

Low carb diet side effects–John Yudkin vs. Ansel Keys

In this powerful article, you will see how “It’s not simply a matter of calories, and anyone who says it is should perhaps give the issue a little more thought.” “In 1944 Ancel Keys, Ph.D., decided to undertake a long-term study of starvation. It was apparent that WWII was going to be over soon and that […]