Iodine: Why You Need it, Why You can’t Live Without it

Dr David Brownstein wrote this book a few years ago. Everything he says in the book just makes sense to me. He even gives us levels to be taking for different ages and disease states.

Problem is, in March of 2011, a Tsunami hit a nuclear power plant in Fukashima Japan. As of October 24th 2013, 300 TONS of Cesium rich water are still flowing into the Pacific ocean every single day. During that period of time, the cost of Iodine has almost doubled worldwide. 

I believe that because of this one nuclear event, we now need twice as much iodine as Dr. Brownstein suggested in his book.

I am not a doctor. You can read and figure this out for yourselves. is the best place to get Lugol's solution (liquid Iodine and Potassium Iodide) and Amazon caries Iodoral (Iodine and Potassium Iodide) in plll form..

As Dr. Richard Olree,,author of Minerals for the Genetic Code,states, "Iodine prevents more cancer than any other mineral we ingest and Fluorine causes more cancer than any other mineral we ingest."

And On Dr. Mercola May 13 2014 and article states…"Some Illinois dentists are reportedly worried that their patients' decision to drink bottled water in lieu of fluoridated tap water means they're not getting enough of this verified poison (Fluoride) on a daily basis."

Industry is now resorting to scaring us into ingesting a known posion!!!!

One-in-a-thousand people have a negative reaction to Iodine. We used to be able to get quite a bit of Iodine from sea vegetables. If we eat those today we get Iodine and Cesium together

You can purchase the Iodine Loading test here for $100.00. If you go through a doctor, it will cost you 3-5 times as much.

Dr Olree's definition of cancer is

"Cancer is the wrong expression of the right gene because the wrong minerals were present."