The “New” Boise Farmers Market

Just this past week we had two “old” customers who finally found our booth at the New Boise Farmers Market. I want to thank each and every one of you who have made the switch to join us at the New Farmers Market. I know it has been confusing for some, but I/We feel that this New Market will be the long term place for us and other like-minded producers of high quality food.

In case you are still wondering “where” it is…10th and Grove — from 9-1 every Saturday until the snow flies … where you will find all of those familiar faces and kiosks from prior years.

One blessing for me personally has been getting to know Lee and Kim Rice from Rice Family Farms. We set up next to each other each week, discuss what has happened during the week and then I am especially interested to see what luscious goodies they have brought this week to the market.

This past week has been hectic on our farm as we got the first hay crop in and tarped — and today it is raining! Now back to the meat-and-potatoes of grass farming (irrigation) ┬áto get the next cutting ready in August along with keeping the cows and grass-fats in plenty of high quality forage.

Speaking of high quality forage, I recently purchased a compost tea brewer. It is currently on its way in a truck somewhere between here and Texas. Adding that biology through the sprinkler system should take our grass to the next level of nutrient-rich status.

Thank You

Steve and Andy