grass finished beef chart

Omega 3 Finished Beef


I remember the first time I went into a Whole Foods Store approximately nine years ago. Sign in the meat case said, “Grass fed beef.”

I marched right up to the butcher and asked, “Fed no grain?” He said, “They lived most of their lives on grass but were finished on grain.”

A month ago, an old aquaintance asked if I fed a little bit of grain at the end. I replied, “Are you wanting a little bit of: Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., etc.”

I started in the grass finished business thirteen years ago because of the health benefits of Omega 3’s and to pay more respect to nature. Did you realize that a cow that is never fed any grain has a better ratio of Omega 6/Omega 3 than wild fish. I was certainly surprised the first time I read that on the website. Jo Robinson is a very good researcher and what she posts is almost Gospel!

Six years ago at the farmers market, if I had two different fat content ground beef packages, I would ask the customer, “Do you want more or less FAT in your burger?” 9 out of 10 said less, because as we all know, FAT is bad!

Three years ago, after trying to figure out how to break through the “some fats are actually healthy for you” educational process, when faced with two similar packages, I would ask, “Do you want more omega 3’s or fewer Omega 3’s in your burger?” 3 to 4 out of 5 still said fewer.

Last summer, I started asking, “Do you want more cancer fighting FAT or less cancer fighting Fat?” 3 or 4 out of five chose the fattier burger. Success!!! Now I have added, “Do you want more or less ‘brain food‘ in your burger” with the same results. It kind of reminds me of a video I once watched.

A few people read the “Grass Finished” sign and ask, “What do you feed them before you finish them on grass?” Mom’s milk and grass, nutrient-rich stored forages in the winter, grass!

So why do I tell you all of this story?  As I said before, thirteen years ago, I got into this “Grass-Finished Beef” for the health benefits of Omega 3’s. I think my new marketing from now on will say, “Omega 3 Finished Beef!

Kind of a parting shot … quite a few people think Omega 3’s come from fish. Omega 3’s come from the Green, Leafy parts of plants. Wild fish either eat those things, or things that eat those things and that is why they have 3-4 Omega 6’s for Each Omega 3 in the meat. Omega 3’s have dropped drastically in farmed fish over the past ten years because the quantities and cost of small oily wild fish (the original feed for farmed salmon) have dropped precipitously due to over fishing. So the Salmon farmers took the Walmart approach, “Save Money, Live Better.” Not many omega 3’s in byproducts of hog and chicken farms, soybeans and soybean oil, canola oil, corn and other grains (most of which are GMO), but they certainly cost a lot less…today

Why say today? In the mid-90’s, Dr. Laibow found that for every dollar we spend on supplements, we save forty dollars over the rest of our life on Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals.

Thank you for your patience with that rant.