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Michael Pollan “Some of My Best Friends Are Germs”

Michael is so good at explaining this sort of thing it is like Carly Simon sings, “Nobody does it better!” And now, right to the heart of the matter, “It is a striking idea that one of the keys to good health may turn out to involve managing our internal fermentation. This, it seems to […]

Is your beef all Grass-Finished or just Grass Fed, by Mother Earth News

Labels that identify a package of beef as “grass-fed” don’t always tell the whole story. To ensure that the product is what it claims to be, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) tells us to watch for their “process verified shield,” but what exactly does that guarantee? We asked grass-fed beef expert Jo Robinson to […]

Keeping your cows in good “Condition”

The following is an article I recently penned for a group of cattle producers. As you will see, humans are subject to the same toxins I am describing in this article. Keeping your cows in good “Condition”   In 1978, Dr. Schubert and associates conducted experiments to determine safe levels of Lead and Mercury (he […]

Rain, rain, and now higher temperatures!

It appears we received just over an inch of rain on the farm during June. WE must have been playing by the rules, as none of it occurred while the hay crop was still in the field. With a shortened irrigation season, we are very appreciative of the help mother nature has sent our way. […]

Life, Liberty and the Persuit of FOOD RIGHTS

  The subtitle to the book is “The escalating Battle over who decides what we eat.” I just received my copy of the book. Sally Fallon Morrell, President of Weston A. Price Foundation comments, “The 18th Century was the century of political rights; the 19th century was the century of women’s rights; the 20th century […]

Prescriptions or supplements and good food — What would Hippocrates think?

Since 2008, the supplement industry has been required to report adverse events to the FDA’s AER system. Consider the following statistics comparing dietary supplement AERs with drug AERs (from the 2013 GAO report): From 2008 to 2011, FDA received 6,307 AERs for dietary supplements, not including 1,000 AERs that were submitted to poison control centers, […]

Grass Fed Beef Hay — Before and After

This is the hay that we are growing for our grass fed beef. This place was a wheat farm when we got it and just a year ago it was a pile of weeds. It is amazing what good grass, soil, biology, mineral, and herd management can do to improve a place—without the use of […]

“Steve, your beef just keeps getting better!”

“Your passion for quality, nutrient dense beef is very apparent.  My family and I greatly appreciate knowing that our beef comes from a source that strives to make happy, healthy animals raised on top quality grass.  I pass on your information whenever I can! – John, Boise”

Lies, Damn Lies

IN 2001, RUMORS were circulating in Greek hospitals that surgery residents, eager to rack up scalpel time, were falsely diagnosing hapless Albanian immigrants with appendicitis. This later turned into a formal study showing that, for whatever reason, the appendices removed from patients with Albanian names in six Greek hospitals were more than three times as likely to […]