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Top 10 Dietary Supplements for Cancer Care

The following 10 natural agents have some of the strongest suggested benefits and evidence of effectiveness for cancer care: 1. Curcumin 2. Glutamine 3. Vitamin D 4. Maitake Mushrooms 5. Fish Oil 6. Green Tea 7. Milk Thistle 8. Astragalus 9. Melatonin 10. Probiotics You don’t want to buy the least expensive versions of these. […]

Attaining maximum health and enjoyment out of life!

Andy and I talk about a number of topics before and after work. It dawned on us the other day that how we describe what we do on the farm is what our connection with you is all about. If someone came up to the farmers Market booth and asked what we do and we […]

Michael Pollan: Cooked

In his latest book, Michael has a seven step process for cooking the less tender cuts of meat from your side of beef. Step one … Onions, onions, onions; the small ones that make your eyes water. Adding sautéed carrots and celery turns it into a French meal. If you soak these in olive oil, […]

Meet your Meat

The controversial “China Study”

Even though I disagree with some of the conclusions drawn from this study… I find the following very believable… ¡The more of your diet above 50% that is cooked the more likely you are to get cancer ¡The more of your diet above 50% that is raw the less likely you are to get cancer […]

The Two Envelopes We Are All Born With

I was told about a you tube video by Napoleon Hill, famous author of the book “ Think and Grow Rich“. In the video he focuses on several pieces of immense wisdom, but the one that greatly caught my attention was the idea of the two envelopes we are all born with. Evelope one is labelled […]