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Oxford University studies Omega 3’s and how they affect a child’s ability to learn.

In a recently released study, researchers at Oxford University tested Omega three levels in the children’s blood and then were able to equate that with how fast they were able to learn new lessons. “An Oxford University study has shown that a representative sample of UK schoolchildren aged seven to nine years had low levels […]

“An Apple a Day keeps…”

Apples decrease the risk for Chronic Disease. They are loaded with antioxidants and as such decrease the risk for Cancer and along with pears, decrease the risk of asthma. According to the New York Fruit Quarterly… “Our lab has found that apples, and especially apple peels, have powerful antioxidant activity and can greatly inhibit the […]

The Link Between Soil, Soul and Society

Satish Kumar has written a very good article about how we have “lost our link” to the soil with all of the specialization and commercialization in society. If you are looking for some motivation to get into the why and how of healthy food from your locale’ In Satish’s words… “During the French Revolution the words […]

And the looser is….ultimately YOU

… the consumer of natural, organic products. The FDA has set some new rules in the food safety modernization act. The top nine problems ( and one glimmer of hope) with them from an Organic Farmer’s view are… (more…)

Diatomaceous Earth vs. Statin drugs

I was doing a bit or reading on Diatomaceous Earth this morning and ran into some interesting information at Diatomaceous Earth In 2013, a new “guidelines” report was prepared by a panel of “experts” who volunteered their time, and is ostensibly based on an analysis of randomized controlled trials. Not surprisingly, the panel members are […]