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Iodine: Why You Need it, Why You can’t Live Without it

Dr David Brownstein wrote this book a few years ago. Everything he says in the book just makes sense to me. He even gives us levels to be taking for different ages and disease states. Problem is, in March of 2011, a Tsunami hit a nuclear power plant in Fukashima Japan. As of October 24th […]

Salt of the earth

Hopefully I have convinced all of you that I have met to stop using that NACL (table salt) and start using a sea salt. .All of those minerals in nature that have leached out of our farm ground and found their way to the ocean; they are vital for our health! In other places on this website […]

Where’s the Beef?

The New Boise farmers market is over and will start up again until mid-April. I can't believe the directors found an indoor location for November and December … woo hoo!!! January through mid-April I will be making deliveries in the SW corner of the 10th and Grove parking lot where the market was held last summer. I will be […]

Getting it all wrong!

There is a video on u-tube that shows a third grade student performing a science project, and she unearths yet another problem with our foodchain.