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“A2 Brutus, A2”

I don't know how many of you are aware of the different types of beta casein their are in milk. All milk has a substance in it called BCM7 (beta-caso-morphiene 7). It is an opiat, an addictive substance.  Milk is made up of 109 proteins and at position 67 there is a difference between A1 […]

We hope all of our customers are this happy!

I just received the following in an email this morning… Hi, Steve, Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for growing such incredible beef!!!!  I have to tell you that the tenderness, flavor and overall texture of your grass-finished beef is really outstanding.  We are enjoying it immensely! Take care, N.D + L.D. Council, […]

Nine Non-Nourishing Foods to Avoid

Some foods are just a chosen accident waiting to happen to our bodies. GMO's are Ubiquitous…If you are eating out of a box or a can or a package, chances are pretty good you are eating GMO's, and they are worse than the rest of this list!!! 1) Canned foods (evenfrom  the lids for home canning) are […]