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I am thankful for all of my happy customers

I have received a few comments from customers about their experiences with the beef… Just in on Feb 25… We had purchased ½ beef from you in December 2014, and wanted to say that we were very pleased with the processing and packaging from Greenleaf Meats.  We found the butchers had trimmed and packaged everything […]

Calving 101 presented by #505

This video kind of kits close to home for some ranchers I had originally put this up on Tailor Made Cattle so my consulting clients could see it. It is just cute enough that I thought everyone I know might like it. “…until then, leave me alone and let me do my thing“

The “Fibberatti”

I just viewed this video and found it to be right on…! And then Dean Carlson put some “Wall Street” numbers to it.

Why are we breeding the nutrition out of our food?

Plants and animals need vitamins and minerals to survive. As our soils get more and more depleted, the ability to grow a nutrient-rich, heritage “breed” of just about anything is curtailed. Ah. science to the rescue. We have figured out how to cross-breed plants and animals (and now GMO’s are the illogical next step) that […]

Is your Grass-Fed Beef finished on grain?

Every couple of weeks at the farmers market, someone will ask, “What is the difference between grass-fed and Grass-finished beef?” My short answer is they can be exactly the same or they can be vastly different. And then my story telling begins… In the last couple of years, the labeling regulations have changed quite a […]

Michael Pollan short video

As Michael says in the video, “What mattered most about one’s health was the fact that it was cooked by a human being rather than cooked by a corporation.” I won’t even try to summarize this 3 minute video … however,  it could ruin your appetite for McDonalds french fries.

9 spices

9 Herbs we can all use to improve our health

One of my favorite websites for human health information is Whether you want to sign up for daily or weekly emails with “topics of interest” or if you want/need to do a search for clinical and epidemiological  data for almost any issue, this is my “go to” website. This morning I was blessed with an […]


A page out of the life of Ghandi

Did you know M. Ghandi wrote a book entitled “A Guide to Health” In the book he speaks about the practice of vaccinations. All of the precepts below apply to livestock as well as humans.     Excerpt … The relevant chapters from his book A Guide to Health are republished below, but we have […]

a few videos on the variety of how Beef is produced

I watched a video the other day that I feel is done very tastefully. That got me to thinking of some of the other videos on beef and healthy food I have seen over the past few years. The meatrix  and there are other episodes of the meatrix Two brothers in Wyoming seem to be […]