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Economics and the “Marginal Efficiency of Cows”

In college I had an older German professor of Economics. He gave but demanded respect. The first final I ever took in his Macro-Economics class had me studying frantically every spare moment before the test. As it turned out I received a 100. Kind of funny though, I got one thing wrong, but had done […]

Another happy customer

12/21/2015  Hi Steve- great to hear from you.  Thus far, we can honestly say it is the best beef we have ever had.  We eat slot of hamburger (because it’s easy) and the burger meat is delicious.  Thanks so much And another… 12/16/2016 Steve. Sorry to bug you at night. Just cooked a steak…had to […]


Apple Cider Vinegar

Golden Valley Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is raw, unfiltered, with the mother and still has the naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Golden Valley produces over 90% of all of the ACV Bragg sells throughout the world every year. You can buy it at the Honey Store, just off the Interstate 84 freeway @exit 3, for about […]