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Where is Whoopie Goldberg when you need her?

After reading a recent Dr. Mercola article, my mind went to how Whoopie had changed the chior so dramatically in the movie “Sister Act” Perhaps she would come out of retirement for “Sinister Act” and we could finally get people’s attention drawn to a corporation in Monsanto Alabama. A couple of excerpts from Dr. Mercola’s […]

Friends with low faces

I just watched a video about some of the farmers who make up Maple Hill Creamery. Hey, I know some of those folks. I have seen it in the Boise Co-op and at teh Minneapolis airport. Anyway, a pretty good bit of telling their story here. And those friends with low faces…its the cows eating […]

Redmond detoxifying clay. Why is it necessary?

Redmond Trading company and Redmond Natural out of Utah sell human and livestock grades of a detoxifying montmorillionite/bentonite clay that is becoming ever more important to our ability to live a healthy and happy life. Before the invention and widespread use of Industrial toxins, Drs. Pottenger and Price showed us the need for vitamins, minerals and […]