2017 pricing for individual cuts, from a local farmer who is starting his 16th year of Grass- Finishing.

NO GRAIN EVER, since 2001

Nutritionally-Maximized by DESIGN

NO* toxins, HEALTHY fats, and LOTS of minerals

If you are looking for Nutrient-Rich, Flavorful, NO-GRAIN Beef, chock full of Omega 3 and other CLEAN FATS, you’re in the right place.                        “Our cows eat better than you!”

Here are the current prices for my individual packages of steak (usually 2/package), roasts (usually around 3-3.5 pounds) and ground beef (approximately one pound packages). 6% state sales tax is added to all orders.

Your satisfaction is my goal…


Filet (Tenderloin)              $17.50

Rib-eye                     $14.50

Rib-Steak                  $14.00   With the bone

2X aged Ribeye        $13.00   Older animal wet aged for 35 days-flavorful!

*Flat Iron                  $12.00

*Flank stk                 $11.00

NY Club Steak          $11.00

2X aged NY              $10.00   Older animal wet aged for 35 days-flavorful!

*Coulett                   $9.50

*Skirt steak              $9.00

*Shldr Tndr               $9.00

Kabob Meat              $9.00

Top Sirloin                $9.00

Chuck eye                  $8.00


Tri-tip Stk/Roast     $8.50

Stew Meat                 $8.00

Chuck Roast             $7.75

X-rib Roast               $7.25

Sirloin Tip                 $7.25

Brisket                       $7.00

Meaty Ribs               $6.00

“Our Cows don’t do drugs or grain”


3-1#  Patties             $7.00

Ground  18% 0r 23%   $6.25

Bulk Ground Beef

8-20 pounds            $6.15/#

21-50 pounds          $6.05/#

51 pounds or more $5.95/#

Organ meats            $4.00   (Heart, Liver, Tongue)

Stock Bones           $3.00