A farmers perspective on why women live longer than men


If you notice the subtle difference in the two necks pictured above, the neck on the left has a natural curve where all of the nerves should be in functioning order. Nerve supply to those organs is intact and they are functioning normally.

The neck on the right is pretty much straight which is going to lead to pinched nerves and the organs “downstream” of those pinched nerves are going to be getting sicker over time.

Every time taller men go to kiss their shorter wives/girlfriends, the men’s neck straighten out pinching nerves. Women’s necks are put into a more natural curve, keeping their nerves functioning.

A quote from Health.comA girl born in 2012 can expect to live to 81.2 years—almost 5 years longer than a boy baby born the same year, who’s likely live to age 76.4

The Farmer in me says, “Well duh.”