Another happy customer

12/21/2015  Hi Steve- great to hear from you.  Thus far, we can honestly say it is the best beef we have ever had.  We eat slot of hamburger (because it’s easy) and the burger meat is delicious.  Thanks so much

And another…

12/16/2016 Steve. Sorry to bug you at night. Just cooked a steak…had to tell you that’s some of the best beef I’ve ever had. And I grew up in Texas and lived in Kansas

And another customer…

PS – the split half from December, which was from a large full-blooded Red Devon heifer, is by far the best meat we’ve purchased from you. I understand this beef was older, but the meat is extremely tender, more so than our past orders. Not sure what the other folks are saying who also bought it, but thought you might want to know! We are savoring every bit of it –

 I just made a stew last night, and once again we couldn’t believe how good it was. Previously, we had slow cooked some short ribs in the dutch oven, with the same result. The meat just falls apart. On Valentine’s Day we grilled a package of tenderloin, and it was as good as any filet mignon I’ve ever had in a restaurant. So the beef is not only better for people and their health, it tastes better too.
Yes definitely, aged to perfection -L.D.
And another customer writes…

We had purchased ½ beef from you in December 2014, and wanted to say that we were very pleased with the processing and packaging from Greenleaf Meats.  We found the butchers had trimmed and packaged everything beautifully, and we would not hesitate to request their services in the future.

Onto the feedback regarding the ½ beef we had purchased—delicious!  We had wanted to try a variety of cuts before commenting on the beef.   I have enjoyed using the meat in old and new recipes alike, and the flavor and texture is wonderful—from the tenderloin cuts to the round to the ground beef.  I must mention that we are so glad that we had requested the liver as well, for it is by far the very best beef liver we have ever had in our lives.

We are looking forward to purchasing some more beef from Triangle C Ranch in the future.  Please, do not move.