Are we taking care of our children’s and grandchildren’s heritage?

We have an ethical responsibility to future generations regarding the diet and lifestyle choices we make each day. Our health legacy and that of future generations involves not only the faithful transmission of genes, it is strongly influenced by the quality of the food we eat each day and the environment that surrounds us.

Our food and lifestyle choices can create and re-create our children’s health destiny.

The first article that I read from the Weston A. Price website was “The Oiling of America.”

I found it quite interesting 12 years ago…!

An excerpt, “ In 1961 the AHA published its first dietary guidelines aimed at the public. The authors, Irving Page, Ancel Keys, Jeremiah Stamler and Frederick Stare, called for the substitution of polyunsaturates for saturated fat, even though Keys, Stare and Page had all previously noted in published papers that the increase in CHD was paralleled by increasing consumption of vegetable oils.”

Wednesday the 10th of September I received my copy of “The Big Fat Surprise” This is a much more detailed version of that WAP article I read 12 years ago. I will get back to you with a book report at a future time.