Carbon in the atmosphere is a symptom

George King has written an article entitled Carbon is not the problem . A previous article by Mr. King is also very good.

A small excerpt from the “Carbon” article is below…

Every additional gram of carbon in the soil allows the soil to hold an additional eight grams of water.  We have oxidised vast quantities of carbon from our soils globally which means the soil holds less water, grows less green matter and attracts less rain.

Well, this “oxidizing” is shown dramatically in a NASA video on Carbon Dioxide wind currents. Oxidizing Carbon (and volatilizing the chemicals in the soil at the same time) is so visible around April first in the northern hemisphere (My opinion-when man starts stirring dirt each spring and harvesting crops).

Gabe Brown’s five rules for putting Carbon in the soil are…

  1. Living root as long as possible
  2. Armour on the soil
  3. Wide diversity of species
  4. NO or minimal tillage
  5. Animal impact

I have a few cows…and I am here to help!!!