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Michael Pollan short video

As Michael says in the video, “What mattered most about one’s health was the fact that it was cooked by a human being rather than cooked by a corporation.” I won’t even try to summarize this 3 minute video … however,  it could ruin your appetite for McDonalds french fries.

9 spices

9 Herbs we can all use to improve our health

One of my favorite websites for human health information is Whether you want to sign up for daily or weekly emails with “topics of interest” or if you want/need to do a search for clinical and epidemiological  data for almost any issue, this is my “go to” website. This morning I was blessed with an […]


A page out of the life of Ghandi

Did you know M. Ghandi wrote a book entitled “A Guide to Health” In the book he speaks about the practice of vaccinations. All of the precepts below apply to livestock as well as humans.     Excerpt … The relevant chapters from his book A Guide to Health are republished below, but we have […]

a few videos on the variety of how Beef is produced

I watched a video the other day that I feel is done very tastefully. That got me to thinking of some of the other videos on beef and healthy food I have seen over the past few years. The meatrix  and there are other episodes of the meatrix Two brothers in Wyoming seem to be […]


Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

“Vitamin K2 is the single most important mechanism by which the body can prevent and yes reverse existing heart disease.” A coronary artery calcification test can be done via CT scan and is the gold standard to determine if you are ripe for a heart attack, NOT Cholesterol numbers. A short quiz From Dr Kate […]

ICSA, Gabe Brown and Regenerating the soil and our food system

The Idaho Center For Sustainable Agriculture had it’s annual Conference on November 18th at the civic center in Nampa again this this year. Lots of good speakers and topics, not the least of which was Joel Salatin. However, as a farmer trying to regenerate the soil, Gabe Brown’s talk was the highlight for me. Gabe […]


“An Organic apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Most people think apple seeds have arsenic in them (along with Boron-our natural fighter against the effects of Fukashima). In actuality, it is cyanide. A reading and viewing of this article might interest you…   And an excerpt… What Is Laetrile? Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the […]