Cilantro, who knew.

Make your meals “ex-cilantro” with this garden herb (cilantro).

Not only does it add a distinctive taste to salsa, it has amazing medicinal properties as well.

Cilantro is the best natural detoxifier of Aluminum (which is thought to have a big hand in causing Alzheimers).

A digression, Parsley is the best natural detoxifier of Mercury.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, after muching a little cilantro now I remember, I was talking about Cilantro.

I just learned that it has anti-inflamation properties as well. We can buy it in seed form (Coriander) and add it to a lot of cooked foods.

An excerpt from the link…

Coriander seed has been an effective remedy for inflammation and illness for thousands of years.

Most of us are familiar with coriander because we’ve eaten chili and salsa before. Chili is often seasoned with coriander powder and salsa is usually made with cilantro. Coriander is the seed and cilantro refers to the leaves.”

Michi Nas steered me to a link that is quite good about using chelation to get rid of heavy metals in our bodies..