Do you seem to get sick according to the sign of the moon?

Parasites’ life cycle follow the phases of the moon. So if you experience reoccuring bouts of illness take a look at the moon and see if there is a correlation.

Monday, February 25th, was a full moon. Parasites are most active during the full moon.

In addition to breeding and using up vital nutrients they also produce a
tremendous amount of toxins. So when you have parasites, your body is
hungry because the parasites are eating your food. Since they are lower
your blood sugar, you crave high energy foods. Then they produce toxins
that the body cannot efficiently eliminate because the parasites are
plugging up the system.

Since your body cannot eliminate the toxins it stores them away from
vital organs…. in fat. If there isn’t enough fat to store them, your
body will make more.

Since it takes energy to make fat, that lowers your blood sugar and
makes you hungry for high energy food…. and the cycle continues.

Getting rid of parasites can be a challenge. If you decide on a parasite
cleanse make sure that you use it throughout the entire life-cycle of
the parasites. For many that means cleansing the eggs, juveniles, and
the adults….

Black Walnut shell tincture, wormwood and Diatomateous Earth are all natural remedies.

Natures’ Sunshine Para-Cleanse, used about once a ear, seems to work well also.