Every-other-Saturday Deliveries

There are a number of Farmers Market vendors doing a pop-up market at 11:00 am every-other-Saturday.

Hello again. In the interest of trying to keep the supply lines for local, nutrient-rich, clean food open, I believe there will be six vendors showing up in two “pods” this Saturday at 11 am.

C+G’s Wild Alaska Salmon

Ferranti Fresh Pasta

Tailor Made Beef

These vendors will set up in the normal market location (out of the back of our vehicles…NO tents)

Matthews Family farms

Black Kettle Pies

Timber Butte Elk Ranch

These vendors will set up in the same parking lot over by the medical building which is by the Americana/Shoreline Drive traffic light.

REMEMBER SOCIAL DISTANCING We will be parked in a “T-Bone” arrangement to keep the customers as separated as possible while purchasing,

We ask for as many pre-orders as possible so that the minimum cross-contamination as possible happens at the drop-pick up site.
Tell your friends about this “stop gap” measure we intend to do every two weeks until they let us open the actual Farmers Market on the lot at 1500 Shoreline like last year.
For the other vendors hyper-texted … contact them directly!!!!    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
For TAILOR MADE BEEF … please reply to me via email with your pre-order (keeps things more sanitary at the market)

This will be the last weekend that the old ground beef pricing $5.80/ pound will be in effect (no discount pricing this weekend).After April 1st I am raising the price of ground to $6.50 (and then the graduated volume discounts shown on the attached price list).
Thank you all for your past support.We hope to continue to do this pop-up market until the actual Boise Farmers Market can open in full force at the regular time and location.

NEXT STOP this Saturday the 28th