Flavor drives nutrition…wha?

I like Mark Shatzker’s books and articles. However, the name of this WSJ article from April 2015 (WOW, am I slow on the uptake) has had me thinking all year.

I was always thinking the more nutrition in the food, i.e. the more minerals and vitamins, the greater the flavor and nutrition was in that food. Back in the 1930’s, Dr. Weston A Price searched the world for groups of people still eating in the old way. There was no rhyme or reason the fat, protein and carbohydrate content of their diets. The common denominators in 1930 were that these groups were ingesting 5-10 times the vitamins and minerals the average American was consuming in 1930. Today, the average American would be hard pressed to be getting one-half of those 1930 Americans.

Mark was saying last spring that the addition of sugar and salt to bland foods is driving the flavor of life-taking foods (my words…not his) up, while the nutrition goes down. A recent interview on Dr. Mercola of August Dunning was highlighted with the statement, “When you fix the soil, you fix the food.” I could not agree more.

An article on the cancer causing properties of sugar can be found here.

An article with a very good overview on getting more nutrition back into our food can be found here.

An article about how to use clay to get the toxins out of our food can be found here, here and Redmond’s version here.

And a video telling about sequestering carbon can be found here.

The majority of us don’t have much choice other than to eat the Standard American Diet, however, the more messed up that becomes the more people will be looking for a way to opt out. Choice # 1 should be to grow your own nutrient-rich garden.