For every toxic solution, there’s usually an equally effective non-toxic alternative.

While a traditional gardener may apply synthetic herbicides to control weeds, an organic gardener, just like an organic farmer, will use hand weeding and cover crops with mulches to control weeds. Weeds and bugs show up because the mineral “balance” is not in most soils.

Bugs are mother natures cleaning crew…eating what is not fit for “man nor beast!” Balancing the minerals in our soils will turn our plants into mineral-rich, high-sugar products the bugs will naturally stay away from. Why do they stay away? Bugs lack the equivalent of our liver and these high sugar foods would turn to alcohol in their blood stream. The very foods that nourish us the most would kill the bugs.

Why does industry use chemical warfare agents on the mineral deficient foods they grow and then feed them to us? For more information on this subject, read “Fertility from the Ocean Deep” by Charles Walters!