Funny how things keep circling back around

Fifteen years ago, when I first started grass finishing, increasing Omega 3’s in my beef by feeding only the green, leafy parts of plants was my main focus for human health.

Recently, a friend of mine shared a chart that compares the Omega ratios of  number of different types of fat (all of those “oils” are FAT, by the way).

Check out that flax seed. Although a technically a grain, It is a great thing to feed livestock to increase Omega 3’s, which is right back to my initial focus for getting into an all “forage” finished animal. Imagine, feeding a grain to increase the Omega 3 content of the meat, milk and eggs and thereby increasing the anti-inflamatory content of each!

And then I look at Dr. Mercola today and find (yet again) out how healthy Omega 3’s are for babies in utero and early development…and middle development…and when they get to be our age.

And on they have an article listing 61 health benefits of Omega 3’s

Then there is always the “Google search” about Omega 3’s

And then I think back to the waves that Michael Pollan created with Omnivores Dilemma