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Grass Finished by DESIGN or grass fed by default

I happen to feel our creator had a pretty good DESIGN in place before man messed with it. It seems that on the farm or ranch, the more we try to mimic nature, the better things get.

During hurricane Andrew, in Homestead Florida, in one instance, every house in a 16 square block subdivision was blown away, except for one. Every house was built up to code. One house was built by a father and his two sons. They built it to last. It was beyond code.

Weston A. Price was a dentist at the turn of the 20th century. He was seeing so much facial deformity and cavities that he felt it must be what was and what was not in the food people ate. After searching the world, he found 15 groups of people with great health and great facial structure. There was no rhyme or reason to the amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates that they ate, Some were at an 80% fat diet (and still perfectly healthy).

The common denominator in the 1930’s was that every group was consuming 5-10 TIMES the vitamins and minerals the average American was getting at that time. With the Standard American Diet, MAYBE we get half of that amount today.

The other side of the coin, that had not really reared its ugly head near as much as today is the country-wide pollution that we see. Sure there were pockets of industry in the 1930’s that were polluting. It took 33 years to register the first 10,000,000 unique substances. It took 9 months to register the last 10,000,000. They are not all good for us. Usually they are registered in the hope of making a profit. We are getting good at being bad.

Finally, to my thought for the day. If we take feedlot genetics, and put them on our pasture that was too hilly or rocky to be farmed and then kill them when the grass is gone, we have three strikes against us. A lot of Grass-fed buyers have tasted (and tried to chew) the results of this “by-default” system.

If, with a “by DESIGN” system, we select for deep, wide cattle; with all of the visual indicators for butterfat/glandular function/tender meat; put them out on a sward of multi-species grasses and legumes, move them in an adaptive grazing pattern (mimicking nature) and only kill them once they are actually fat, we have a much different eating experience.

Now add to that all of the minerals that nature holds, while actively pulling the toxins that blow in from our close and far neighbors and you have a truly nourishing food. This same thought process can be used for all species of animals and for fruits and vegetables.

We eat to get vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The more of these there are in each bite the better it tastes, the more nourishing it is and the fewer bites we want to take each day.

And “they” say you can’t produce enough food organically. We only need to produce half as much clean, mineral-rich food and we would all have smaller waistlines and the earth could start to heal again.

A win-win-win!!!