If I could only see what is and is not in my food

Thursday morning in Ontario, I met a friend from Boise and the first words out of his mouth were, “I saw a new gadget that scans your food and tells you what is on the inside. I immediately thought of you.”

I thought I was really making headway using my refractometer to make food purchasing decisions.

Side note, I have started “Brix-ing” the juice (myoglobin) that is in the packages of meat once it thaws. Trying to see I there is an easy way to tell the nourishment on the inside without an ORAC test. More to come on that when I have more data.

Back to the issue. So I went online and found tellspec. It is a Canadian company that is just getting ready to bring this product to market.

I look at this as an end run to not being able to label GMO’s

This could change the way we shop for food. Imagine the food companies putting lead inside their packaging so we can’t “scan” it’s nutrients (or lack thereof). Don’t laugh, they do this sort of thing to us all the time…if they can get away with it. (Boy am I gong to get slammed for those last couple of sentences).

Kind of like having Sherlock Holmes in your pocket…”The Hunt For Red Delicious” is afoot!!!

Speaking of RED … how about this method of making tomato sauce?

Next to last thing…in the store the other day looking for organic half and half. The dairy associate helps me look and not finding any, tells me the Idaho Dairy Association told her there was no difference except Organic costs more. I said “I prefer the organic.” At the MOSES conference over the weekend I heard that the Organic and grassfed were the only segments of agriculture that were actually growing.

And to finish up, it never hurts to eat from the top of the superfood chain.