Judy Garland would have sung about this kind of farming

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
Wake up where the dust clouds are far behind me
Where living roots grow around the year
far below the cover crop
That’s where you’ll find me

Well, now we know for sure I will never be hired as a song writer, but you get the drift.

Josh Payne wrote a very good article that I feel needs sharing. My beliefs and practices fit right in the middle of his description of how things might/could/should be.

And my favorite quote from the article, “The Rodale Institute recently claimed that if every single acre of the United States had a living root for as long as possible, the resulting photosynthesis would take out 70% of world greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere, and if all cattle were grazed responsibly (leaving at least 4 inches of growth on the pasture), 110% of the greenhouse gases would be sunk into the soil. They estimate that if each acre would gain .2% organic matter per year, global warming would be reversed. Truly good news indeed.” A new hope.

If we would just change the focus of talk around farming to include 1) soil, 2) sunlight, and 3) carbon, we could find that common ground needed to move all of agriculture forward.

AND…Saturday was a very nice day at the Boise Farmers Market (Tenth and Grove, downtown Boise) Thank you all for coming out and supporting us for the opening Saturday of 2017.