March 10th meat deliveries to Boise

We are counting down until April 7th when the Boise Farmers Market opens for the season at the 10th and Grove Parking lot. I have only planned two more Saturday deliveries between now and that Opening Day.

March 10th and March 24 are the chosen dates. 1:00 PM deliveries to the Southwest corner of the parking lot has been working well for most. If you would like to order any 100% grass-fed and Grass-FINISHED beef products, please email me at

Thank you for your continued support of a Local*, “by DESIGN“, Grass-Finished Beef producer . Just dawned on me that I started this grand adventure 17 years ago.

* “When it comes to grass fed beef, as much as 80 percent is imported, most of which comes from Australia. Brazil is also a significant source of grass fed beef. A little-known fact that hides the country of origin is that as long as a piece of imported beef passes through a USDA-inspected plant, it can be labeled as a “Product of the USA.” In other words, by importing entire carcasses and processing them in a U.S. facility, the imported meat suddenly becomes American.”  Dr. Joseph Mercola