Meat Deliveries-New Location

Hello again. I hope the search for Mineral-Rich, Toxin-Free, Idaho-Grown food for your families is meeting with success.

I will be making Tailor Made Beef (NO toxins, HEALTHY fats, LOTS of Minerals) deliveries this Saturday to a NEW LOCATION. The old K Mart building Just South and West of Americana and Shoreline Dr.

This WILL BE the location of the Boise Farmers Market starting April 6th, 2019. We are pretty excited as vendors. FREE parking for our Health-minded shoppers.

For orders to be picked up this Saturday at 1:00 pm, please email Steve Campbell at with your order.

Also, I am looking for a health conscious person to help with sales each Saturday at the Farmers Market from April 6th until the Saturday before Christmas. Please email if you are interested in interviewing for that part time position.

Individual prices for winter deliveries see below

All prices are per pound

Filet(T-loin)              $16.50

Rib-eye                     $13.50

Vintage Ribeye         $11.50

*Flat Iron                  $11.00

*Flank stk                 $10.00

NY Steak                    $11.00

Vintage NY               $9.00

Hanging tender        $9.00

*Coulett                   $9.00

*Shldr Tndr              $8.50

Top Sirloin      $8.50/$7.50

Chuck eye                $8.75

Skirt steak              $7.50

Tri-tip Roast             $7.50

Stew Meat               $6.50

Chuck Roast             $7.00

X-rib Roast               $6.50

Sirloin Tip                 $6.50

Brisket                      $6.00

Meaty Ribs               $5.50

Osso Bucco               $4.50

Our Cows don’t do drugs or grain

3-1# Patties              $6.50

“Renew” Burger   $5.50

Organ meats            $4.00

Stock Bones           $3.00

Sales tax added to all orders.