Oh my aching back!

After years of stupid mistakes, 30 years with seven different chiropractors … I finally found one that works. I thought I was going to have to live with a slowly degenerating back the rest of my life. I was keeping most of the day-to-day pain at bay with exercise and activity. However, the core of me knew my back was never going to fix itself.

By happenstance, I met Dr. Steven Baker from prehabboise.com at the Boise airport about six weeks ago. A couple of weeks later I went to a patient appreciation night and heard more of his story (I already liked the concept of “Pre-Hab“). I scheduled X-rays and a doctors visit and viola! … I am signed up for a years worth of “therapy,” … Dr Baker style.

I have had 250 pound DC’s who did not “move me” like Dr. Baker can. The secret is, Dr. Baker now has me more involved in the process, both physically and mentally.

Think of the back as the highway for all of your nerves. If you have a nerve pinched anywhere along your back, whatever muscle or organ is controlled by that nerve … is slowly dying. I have been doing my best at nutrition and keeping active, thinking I was doing all that I could. I had missed the most important part. Dr. Baker includes all of the other things I have been studying. The difference is, he starts with the most important part of the equation first. The core of me now “knows” that I can repair my own back by following his guidelines and exercises.

If this piques your interest…go to prehabboise.com and see what they are about.

I highly recommend Dr. Baker and Dr. Ali’s program!!!!!