Winter beef deliveries to Boise January through mid-April every other Saturday at 10th and Grove @ 11:00am. Please call or email your order in advance. (We meet in the SW corner of that parking lot).

Winter beef deliveries to the McCall area about once every six weeks. Delivery location and time to be determined.  Ground beef available year round at the Huckleberry Garden in McCall and at Oregon Natural Market in Ontario.

To Order, call or email the cuts and quantities of each item you need for the delivery date. See contact information at the bottom of this page.

Boise Farmers’ Market, 9:00am to 1:00pm, April 15th to December 20th-ish
Location: http://goo.gl/maps/Lm6Iq

Sales on the farm in Parma almost any day.

Cuts available:

Grass-Finished Steaks            Grass-Finished Roasts  
Filet(Tender-loin)             $17.50            Chuck Roast              $7.75
Rib-Steak                            $13.50*$14.50            Cross-rib Roast         $7.25
New York Club                  $10.50*-$11.00            Sirloin Tip                  $7.25
*Flat Iron                            $12.00            Stew Meat                  $8.00
*Shoulder Tender             $9.00            Brisket                        $7.25
Top Sirloin                         $9.00            Meaty Ribs                $6.00 t
*Flank Steak                      $11.00            Osso Buco                 $5.50
*Chuck Eye                        $9.00            Shank meat               $5.50
*Coulett                              $10.00           Tri-Tip Roast            $9.00
*Skirt Steak                       $9.00           Ground Beef patties   $7.25
 *Blade Steak                    $8.00           Ground beef                $6.50
 Kabob Meat                     $9.00           Organ meats                $4.00
 * Double Aged          Stock bones                  $2.50

*= limited supply


Quarter beef is 100 pounds @ $725.00 (Bone-in) or $740.00 (bone-out)

Bone in includes T-Bone, Porterhouse, Rib, Top Sirloin, and Cube Steaks

Bone out includes Tenderloin, New York, Rib-eye, Flat iron, Chuck-eye, Top Sirloin, Cube and Shoulder Tender Steaks

Both include Chuck, Cross Rib and Sirloin Tip Roasts; Stew Meat, Osso Bucco, Meaty Short Ribs, Brisket and Ground Beef.

Bones and Organ meats available upon request (at an extra charge)

Half Beef is 200 pounds @ $1430.00 (Bone-in) or $1450.00 (bone-out)

OR$3.75 on hanging weight plus butcher fee


Whole Beef is 400 pounds @ 2800.00 (bone-in) or $2840.00 (bone-out)

OR$3.50 on hanging weight plus butcher fee

      If you would like a current price list or order form for larger quantities, please send us an email or call us and we will send one to you.

Call Steve at 208-315-4726 or [encode_email email=”” display=”Email Steve”]