Tailor Made Beef

We strive to make the healthiest, nutrient-dense beef possible.

What is in our food, that shouldn’t be?

I have read quite a few books and articles and heard a number of speakers talk about the various kinds of bad things we should avoid in our food. Alas, we live in a pop culture and if some of us can’t get it on “I-tunes” well, it just doesn’t seem to matter in our […]

What is your favorite flavor of Pi(e)

Happy Pi Day! If you like numbers, Yesterday, March 14, 2015, should have been a good day for you. When written as a numerical date, it’s 3/14/15, corresponding to the first five digits of pi (3.1415) — a once-in-a-century coincidence! Pi Day, which would have been the 136th birthday of Albert Einstein, is a great excuse […]

Last Saturday delivery to Boise before the Farmers market

This Saturday, the 14th of March, will be my last delivery to the 10th and Grove Parking lot. This Saturday the time is 12:30 in the SW corner. Please cal or email your orders by Friday night. Thank You all for a busy winter “off season!” The Farmers Market will Start on April 4th!!!! 208-315-4726 […]

Thursday Morning Ah-Ha

Some years ago, there was a Mensa Convention in San Francisco .. Mensa, as you know, is a national organization for people who have an IQ of 140 or higher. Several of the Mensa members went out for lunch at a local cafe. When they sat down, one of them discovered that their salt shaker […]

Farmers Market season 2015

The Boise Farmers Market will kick off our third year at the 10th and Grove location on April 4 2015. Hope to see you there. between now and then, I will be making deliveries to the 10th and Grove location on certain Saturdays. Click here for that schedule. Spring is in the air! I hope we […]


I am thankful for all of my happy customers

I have received a few comments from customers about their experiences with the beef… Just in on Feb 25… We had purchased ½ beef from you in December 2014, and wanted to say that we were very pleased with the processing and packaging from Greenleaf Meats.  We found the butchers had trimmed and packaged everything […]

Saturday deliveries to Boise

In the interest of continuing to serve the needs of my many Farmers Market friends, I am starting “every-other-Saturday-ish” deliveries to the Summer Farmers Market location (10th and Grove) at 1:00 PM this Saturday.   Please email ( ) your orders in by Friday evening so that I can have them ready for pickup. My […]

Calving 101 presented by #505

This video kind of kits close to home for some ranchers I had originally put this up on Tailor Made Cattle so my consulting clients could see it. It is just cute enough that I thought everyone I know might like it. “…until then, leave me alone and let me do my thing“

The “Fibberatti”

I just viewed this video and found it to be right on…! And then Dean Carlson put some “Wall Street” numbers to it.

Why are we breeding the nutrition out of our food?

Plants and animals need vitamins and minerals to survive. As our soils get more and more depleted, the ability to grow a nutrient-rich, heritage “breed” of just about anything is curtailed. Ah. science to the rescue. We have figured out how to cross-breed plants and animals (and now GMO’s are the illogical next step) that […]