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A farmers perspective on why women live longer than men

I If you notice the subtle difference in the two necks pictured above, the neck on the left has a natural curve where all of the nerves should be in functioning order. Nerve supply to those organs is intact and they are functioning normally. The neck on the right is pretty much straight which is going […]

ICSA, Gabe Brown and Regenerating the soil and our food system

The Idaho Center For Sustainable Agriculture had it’s annual Conference on November 18th at the civic center in Nampa again this this year. Lots of good speakers and topics, not the least of which was Joel Salatin. However, as a farmer trying to regenerate the soil, Gabe Brown’s talk was the highlight for me. Gabe […]

grass finished beef chart

Omega 3 Finished Beef

  I remember the first time I went into a Whole Foods Store approximately nine years ago. Sign in the meat case said, “Grass fed beef.” I marched right up to the butcher and asked, “Fed no grain?” He said, “They lived most of their lives on grass but were finished on grain.” A month ago, […]

Our Health has been sold out to the highest bidder

There is a new video out that tells the story I have been thinking for the past twenty years. “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to AFTER YOU GET SICK care.” Capital, at the present time, does not flow into the development of non-patentable (i.e. non-profitable) […]


“An Organic apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Most people think apple seeds have arsenic in them (along with Boron-our natural fighter against the effects of Fukashima). In actuality, it is cyanide. A reading and viewing of this article might interest you…   And an excerpt… What Is Laetrile? Laetrile is the patented drug made from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the […]

Grass, Soil, Hope A Journey Through Carbon Country

I read a blog the other day by Courtney Cox and now I want to buy the book. 1) If your focus is putting the carbon back in the soil…this book is for you. 2) If your focus is healing the land…this book is for you. 3) If your focus is healing people…see #2

How happy are your farmer’s cows?

In late March, I was at a farm in New York. They still had snow on the ground and feeding hay. On prior visits I had talked about the importance of feeding the Redmond conditioner to their cows for detoxification purposes and how much they should be getting per cow per day. In this unnaturally dirty […]

Hunters: clean, Omega 3-rich fat to grind into your organic Deer and Elk

I have talked to quite a few hunters over the years. In most cases, if they have a butcher process their meat, they have “him” add a certain fat content to the ground Deer or Elk. Not realizing that all of the “bad things” have an affinity for the fat, they were unknowingly adding the worst […]

Are we taking care of our children’s and grandchildren’s heritage?

We have an ethical responsibility to future generations regarding the diet and lifestyle choices we make each day. Our health legacy and that of future generations involves not only the faithful transmission of genes, it is strongly influenced by the quality of the food we eat each day and the environment that surrounds us. Our […]

red barn

Fun Farm Facts … Why are barns red?

“Farmlands across North America are dotted with red barns. For many years red has been the cliché color for a barn. But why? What created this tradition of the red barn? Red has been adopted as the color of choice for barns for centuries not due to its aesthetic appeal but, rather, due to its […]