Tailor Made Beef

We strive to make the healthiest, nutrient-dense beef possible.

Wait a minute-industry says fat is supposed to make you—fat!

“Fats play an important role in a healthy diet and are needed for many of our bodies processes. Discover five incredible dietary fats that are nutrient rich and great for your waistline too.” Read more…    

New Farmers Market Location

There is a new farmer’s market in town, The Boise Farmer’s Market. It will be tailored to actual farmers and ranchers who are producing their own products: less crafts and more wholesome food. We decided that it was the best option, so we are going to be at the new location. Below you will find […]

The Synergism of Lead and Mercury

Morning reading . . . Silico-fluoride contains lead. Flu vaccine contains Mercury. In 1978, Schubert et al, showed when you inject: “…the administration of an essentially no-response level (LD1) of a mercury salt together with 1/20 of the LD1 of a lead salt killed all of the animals [rats].” “…a lethal dose of mercury (LD1 […]

Calving by the Numbers

Updated 11/26/2012 A friend told me the other day that he looked forward to calving season less each year. Mainly it was his having to get up to check on the animals around the clock. This made me think about nature and wonder who gets up to make sure all of the elk and deer […]

Dirty Dozen Fruits and Vegetables

See the original article at http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/ Make sure to buy the “Dirty Dozen” as Organic. “Dirty Dozen” “Clean 15” Apples Onions Celery Sweet Corn Sweet bell peppers Pineapples Peaches Avocado Strawberries Cabbage Nectarines – imported  Sweet peas Grapes Asparagus Spinach Mangoes Lettuce Eggplant Cucumbers Kiwi Blueberries – domestic Cantaloupe – domestic Potatoes Sweet potatoes Green beans Grapefruit Kale/Greens […]

Redmond Salt Mineral Water

In 1930, Dr. Weston A Price found that the groups of people he studied around the world were consuming 5-10 times the vitamins and minerals the average American was consuming. We maybe get half of that today. The following is one small step to remedy that travesty! . . . (more…)

Freezing Food

How long can you freeze food? By Lori Bongiorno . . . (more…)

Freezer Rules

Zero to ten below zero Below 10 below you waste electricity…above zero you loose nutrients. . . . (more…)