Tailor Made Beef

We strive to make the healthiest, nutrient-dense beef possible.

Buying directly from farmers has a disproportionately large impact on the local economy.

I ran across an article this morning that supports what I have believed for a long time; the industrialization of agriculture has not only lowered the quality of our food, but it took the life-blood (people, biology and minerals) off of the family farm. In this article, written a few years ago, Dr Rima Laibow […]

“Seven Blunders of the World”

  1. Wealth without work 2. Pleasure without conscience 3. Knowledge without character 4. Commerce without morality 5. Science without humanity 6. Worship without sacrifice 7. Politics without principle —Mahatma Gandhi To his grandfather’s list of seven blunders Arun later added an eighth: Rights without responsibilities. “… BALANCE, which was Gandhi’s central point. He wasn’t calling for work without wealth or humanity […]

Dr. Christine Jones an Livestock’s short shadow … when done correctly!

A friend sent me an article Dr. Jones recently wrote. It was very timely because I have been thinking about the methane production of cows. Now why would I be thinking about that? Because SOMEONE said that grass finished beef produces more methane than grain finished beef. Hmmmm. Really? What kind of animals, feed-stuffs and […]

Fall Harvest is coming soon.

Fall is here and the cattle are fat from eating Omega 3 filled, mineral-rich, toxin-free grasses. (There is a BIG story about how I achieve that!) A whole is $3.75/pound hanging weight plus cutting fees A half beef is $4.00/pound hanging weight plus cutting fees I have quarters available now. (Sold on the take home weight of […]

“To Beef, or Not to Beef?”

…and now a word from our Well, actually a look around motion pictures about great chefs, great products, great taste, and then a few movies about companies that don’t seem to have our health as their main focus. Whatever you are searching for, there is a veritable buffet of movies about food. Over this past weekend […]

Idaho Center For Sustainable Agriculture Symposium

Mark your calendars for our 4th Annual Symposium. December 3rd in the new JUMP facility, right off the connector in Boise. Blaine Hitzfield, of Seven Sons Family Farm in Roanoke Indiana, is our keynote speaker. For more information on the event, go here.

Regenerative Agrarians: What’s needed above and below the surface

A Ted talk was given recently at UCLA  that I am sure is making Gabe Brown smile. A Carbon Dioxide talk for Millenials. Thin-air is not so thin these days. Finian Makepeace and Ryan Englehart really bring the simple solution to 400PPM Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere problem…a la Gabe brown and his soil regenerating […]

What’s a person to do?

I received an email fromt Huckleberry Garden in McCall. Kind of suprised me, but hey, you can hear just about anything about anybody these days. What follows is her email exerpt … “Hi Steve, … Millie says that a woman came in who said that she had talked to you and that you grain finish […]

Friends with low faces

I just watched a video about some of the farmers who make up Maple Hill Creamery. Hey, I know some of those folks. I have seen it in the Boise Co-op and at teh Minneapolis airport. Anyway, a pretty good bit of telling their story here. And those friends with low faces…its the cows eating […]

Redmond detoxifying clay. Why is it necessary?

Redmond Trading company and Redmond Natural out of Utah sell human and livestock grades of a detoxifying montmorillionite/bentonite clay that is becoming ever more important to our ability to live a healthy and happy life. Before the invention and widespread use of Industrial toxins, Drs. Pottenger and Price showed us the need for vitamins, minerals and […]