Redmond detoxifying clay. Why is it necessary?

Redmond Trading company and Redmond Natural out of Utah sell human and livestock grades of a detoxifying montmorillionite/bentonite clay that is becoming ever more important to our ability to live a healthy and happy life.

Before the invention and widespread use of Industrial toxins, Drs. Pottenger and Price showed us the need for vitamins, minerals and raw foods to be in our diet. Dr, Maynard Murray left a road map for bringing the immunity to disease he found in the ocean back in the late 40’s and 50’s back to plants and animals back here on terra firma. Super!

Problem is we live in a whole new world of: new and improved, animal oil is bad-use vegetable FAT (sorry that is not how they say it), no need for back breaking labor to weed fields, just use this chemical warfare agent developed during WWII, etc, etc, etc.

So why is this last part so bad? Turns out when we go organic with fruits and vegetables we really clean them up. Why are organic animal products not such an improved choice? All of the bad stuff (pesticides,herbicides, antibiotics and hormones-TOXINS) has an affinity for the FAT (OK, for that reason and Omega 6 content-I do agree those FATS are bad). Organic producers are required to leave a “buffer strip” around their property because of the conventional neighbors. Seems to me the wind does not stop blowing 15-20 feet inside my property, If I am not actively trying to get their toxins out of my soil/plants/animals…i am simply organic by default.

If we are ingesting healthy Omega 3 fats that are not clean, it is very similar to the Trojan Horse we heard about as kids. Our body and especially our brains (60% FAT by weight) love Omega 3’s but if toxins are riding in on their back, we can not get their full effect. A recent article by Dr. Mercola talks about the importance of Omega 3’s to brain health. A short excerpt…

Many Americans’ diets are lacking in healthy fats, including the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Although omega-3s are most well known for their role in heart health, they also play an integral role in brain health and mental health.”

Consumers need to seek out ORGANIC-BY-DESIGN producers that not only are NOT using any of the bad stuff, but are actively trying to “pull” (Redmond’s clay both adsorbs and absorbs toxins) the “Cesium from Fukashima” and other worldly toxins out of the product of their farm.

Where is Paul Harvey when you need him?