Regenerative Agrarians: What’s needed above and below the surface

A Ted talk was given recently at UCLA  that I am sure is making Gabe Brown smile. A Carbon Dioxide talk for Millenials.

Thin-air is not so thin these days.

Finian Makepeace and Ryan Englehart really bring the simple solution to 400PPM Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere problem…a la Gabe brown and his soil regenerating method.

On top of this, Dr. Mercola just posted an article about how GMA is trying to deceive us with the “Smart Label” mark-of-monsanto

Further down in the article he found some positive information from HMI regarding how the inclusion of livestock on the farm in a planned grazing design helps regenerate our soils and health…

Sorry they are fuzzy. They show up very well in the Mercola article.

How-Veganism-will-destroy-the-planet-by-Karen-PendergrassKaren-Pendergrass-Sustainability-how-veganism-will-destroy-the-world #2


And then Epic Bar comes out with an article saying we need to eat more meat to save the planet.

And to round out this post…something from Michael Pollan