Science is proving what Grandpa knew all along.

Sweet-Tasting Grasses Speed the Growth of Cattle and Sheep and Lowers Greenhouse Gasses

This past April, British Agricultural Minister Jim Paice announced the results of a new study showing that raising cattle and sheep on high-sugar grasses can lower their greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.

Everyone benefits from the sweeter feed. The ruminants like the taste of the grass and eat more of it. The sugars allow them to make more efficient use of the proteins in the grass.  As a result, the animals reach market size weeks earlier, producing less methane overall.

Minister Paice said: “It is very exciting this new research has discovered that simply changing the way we feed farm animals we have the potential to make a big difference to the environment.”

The study was carried out by Reading University and the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences. High-sugar pasture grasses are now available for sale.

Triangle C Ranch is happy we got on the “mineral-rich” grass bandwagon 10 years ago!!!