Social media…helping or not

Just about two years ago I wrote a blog about why this farmer thinks Women live longer than men. With this “straight neck/curved neck” thought process in mind, I look around and see both men and women (boys and girls) with their heads tipped forward more than our ancestors used to (If you were not on the lookout for Saber Tooth Tigers, your genes did not progress into the next generation of the gene pool).

Simon Sinek gave a recent talk that talked generally about millenials, but in particular, he got into this problem I see coming down the pike.

Similar to carpel tunnel syndrome, we are going to create a new “fatigue” type problem that will be given a disease name so it will not be our fault. Yoga may become the national sport to cure us from the ravages that our lifestyle choices have inflicted upon us.

Mankind was made to move. There are books about how desk jobs shorten our lives (Deskbound: Standing up to a Sitting World, Sitting kills, Moving Heals).

Some kind of a “HEADS UP” display for cell phones? Maybe it is in a pair of glasses (I can just see the accidents piling up on the freeway, pun/un- intended consequences).

Perhaps we can just go back to FRIENDLY human interaction in a face-to-face manner and cure a number of current and future problems (car accidents, this new neck syndrome, heck maybe we could even come together as a nation)!!!