Tainted meat scandal in Brazil

And now Brazil finds itself in trouble with meat products, just like the Hallmark ground beef recall from 2008 in California. It is just to bad that any company on any continent would do or not do the things required for something like this to happen…simply for a profit.

The assembly line might be good for building cars or computer chips or widgets, but it seems to back fire for our health when used to produce food. In this article on the history of assembly lines, there is no mention of its use for food. However, we currently use assembly lines for all sorts of food (or food like substances).

So now when we go to the store we have to worry about whether a food is: NON-GMO, low or no sugar, not made with plain white salt, not vegetable fats, use of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, produced in a place where it is illegal to take pictures of the production of that food. A really high “bar” for the quality of food you serve your children would be NO bar codes in the pantry.

Mother nature does not like uniformity. When you look at a carton of eggs, there should be no two exactly alike. Perhaps we will get back to an era when producers will have the integrity to grow nutritious food which contains NO toxins, HEALTY fats and LOTS of minerals. Until that time, we need a bit of insurance.

Welcome to the 2017 opening day of the New Boise Farmers Market on the 1st of April (NO FOOLIN) at the parking lot at 10th and Grove. LOCAL farmers will be there every Saturday from 9:00-1:00 until at least the end of October. There you will find “food you can trace and farmers you can trust.”