The “Hokey Pokey” mineral program

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

As many of you know, I give away Redmond Sea Salt and The Redmond Clay at my Farmer’s Market booth at 10th and Grove every Saturday from April to December. You can’t get away without the “instruction manual” that I give with each. The fact is that refined white salt, such as commercial table salt is bad, very bad stuff. Unrefined natural salt on the other hand is good, very good stuff providing many health benefits. Sea salt, made into a brine, is the least expensive way (in the short term, in my opinion) to put the good minerals into your body. Regular table salt is 97.5%+ sodium Chloride and the rest is made up of chemicals that are added as moisture absorbents (aluminum byproducts) and iodine (aluminum inhibits the absorption of Iodine). Dried at over 1200 degrees Farenheiht the excessive heat alters the chemical sructure of the salt even further. There is not 10% difference in the amount of NA/CL between refined salt and Sea salt but table salt is in the most acidifying column in the body (Cancer likes an acid medium) and Sea salt is in the most alkaline forming column to the body.

The Clay is a very effective way to draw those man-made  toxins that are now in our environment out of the fat cells in our bodies.In the US, there are about 80,000 registered chemicals.  I just read a great list of things to do around the home on Dr. Mercola. (The list is at the end of the linked article.)

Michael Pollan on the Oprah show said, “In 1960 we spent 5% of National income on “after you get sick care” (health care) and 18% on food.
Today we spend 9% on food and 17% on that so called health care.
Then Pollan went on to ask the rethorical question, “Who would you rather pay?”

The following is a friend from the market who took some of the clay home to try…



I talked to you about a month ago on the phone about how wonderful the Redmond clay, that you give out at the Boise farmers market, is. My testimony of the clay….. It is amazing!!!! I feel so strongly that it is a God given gift and has simple yet amazing “powers”. I read the pamplet you gave me and it had great info., but my experience has been a bit different. I did try putting it on my face and it was a great scrub, made my face shiney, soft, and smooth, but where I feel it is the most amazing it when I make it into a clay  and put a bit of it in my water bottle with water to drink. It is  from nature and an unadulturated form of calcium. I have taken all kinds of calcium suppliments and they have all made my stomach hurt, this doesn’t, at all. Another thing, Calcium as well as other minerals help build up the bones and the bones have all sorts of purposes, more than just keeping us from looking like a blob. This clay, taken internally, helps build up the bones, so the bones can do what they were meant to do. The clay also helps support/clean, etc. the body until the bones are strong enough to do the work themselves….. this is just my experience with the clay. I am not a doctor this is just my understanding of how this gift works.

Also, the mineral sea salt… another amazing gift from God! I’ve discovered that white refined sea salt, while it tastes good compared to “regular white salt”, is pointless without the minerals. I’ve discovered when I have a craving for something salty and have chips or something with refined salt, the craving doesn’t go away. When I’ve had something with mineral sea salt, my craving goes away. Its the salt WITH the minerals that my body is craving! My body seems to know that they go together and when I have the refined stuff, my body knows that something is missing. Fascinating stuff!”

J. G. Boise

This morning I read the following…

“The US uses nearly 30 million pounds of antibiotics each year to raise food animals. This accounts for about 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the US.

Moreover, according to the most recent FDA report, antibiotic usage INCREASED by 16 percent between 2009 and 2012.”

… and here I thought the public outcry was having an effect of the use of antibiotic in L/S production (It is getting worse instead of better).

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”