the big fat surprise 2

“The Big Fat Surprise” (2014) Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

What if the government’s crusade against fat fed the spread of obesity by encouraging us to abstain from foods that satiate us efficiently?

Today I think of Harrison Ford in the Fugitive, where the villains switched the livers to show that “Provasic” (RDU-490) worked. In real life, “the proverbial THEY” (Ancel Keys, Marston White and others) switched and skewed and cherry picked the data from the Framingham Mass. study and the Seven Countries Study. 45 years later the Weston Price Foundation called them out.

In 2000, the Oiling of America was written by Mary Enig and published on the Weston A Price Foundation website.

In 2014, Nina Teicholz has written a life saving book on how the wrong fats are killing us and how we should be embracing those CLEAN FATS of old. (Why capitals? All of the bad stuff has an affinity for the fat. And not every fat is healthy for us.) Organic fat is the first change to any diet if you are trying to clean up your act.

“As it turns out, saturated fat was never the culprit in heart disease. That assumption was based on flawed research, the conclusions of which were entirely erroneous.”


“Americans now eat over 1,000 times more soybean oil than they did in 1909, the 

biggest change in the American diet.”

Dr. Fred Kummerow, author of Cholesterol Is Not the Culprit, has researched fats and heart disease for eight decades, and he was the first researcher to identify which fats actually cause clogged arteries.

Last December, The New York Times2 featured Dr. Kummerow’s research on fats, which shows that trans fats (found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) are to blame for rising heart disease rates. Dr. Kummerow was the first to publish a scientific article on this association, back in 1957. but “THEY” would not let his research see the light of day  🙁

Dr. Jeff Voleck, of Ohio State, has written and talked about some of these same problems over the past twenty years.

A new book entitled “Get your Fats Straight” is highly recommended.

I now have 18% Brain Food Burger and 23% Brain Food Burger to choose from. People have been asking why I call it brain food, My reply follows …

“I am calling it ‘Brain Food‘  because our brain needs clean, Omega 3’s to function properly. Omega 6’s tend to slow our brains down. All of the bad things (pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, toxins) have an affinity for the fat. If we are eating dirty fats, they cloud the brain (the fattest organ in our body).

So depending on “which brain” you are “in” when you consume the 18 vs. 23 burger, you can enhance the right or left brain.  (Just kidding)”

And before I leave the, “We have been lied to!” rant, how about “the salt of the Earth?” I always thought this was supposed to be a compliment when people referred to others in this manner.