The Synergism of Lead and Mercury

Morning reading . . .

Silico-fluoride contains lead.

Flu vaccine contains Mercury.

In 1978, Schubert et al, showed when you inject:

“…the administration of an essentially no-response level (LD1) of a mercury salt together with 1/20 of the LD1 of a lead salt killed all of the animals [rats].”

“…a lethal dose of mercury (LD1 [enough to kill 1% of the rats]) was combined with a 1/20th LD1 of lead, resulting in a LD 100 [100% death rate] in the test animals.

Lead and Mercury work “synergisticly” against our health.

We need to find things that work “synergisticly” for our health. Makes me think of the synergism of “An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away .”  (As long as you eat the core).