The trouble with toxins

I have been doing a bit of reflecting lately. The trouble with Toxins are the high levels we have to deal with in our environment There are a lot of local, natural, sustainable, regenerative, “organic and beyond” (Think Buzz Lightyear) producers who are  working to improve their soils and make them, and the products produced therein/thereon, mineral rich AGAIN.  To that end, we are only trying to balance 92 minerals. Whether we choose the science method or the natural products method, we still are only trying to balance 92 minerals. Typically mineral levels are too low or imbalanced.

A few of the tools available toward that end are: Biology for the soil, minerals added to the soil, sequestering carbon in the soil, compost, crop rotations and grazing. The problem with minerals shows up when we have TOO FEW or the wrong ones present in our bodies, whether they come from the air, water, food or our living/working environment (Epi-Genetics).

What about that Organic producer who can’t use the outside 15-20 feet of property because of what their neighbors are doing? Do we really believe that 15-20 feet is as far as the wind carries toxins onto their/your land from your neighbors and INDUSTRY who live by a different set of production goals than you? We as producers, and to a smaller extent, you as consumers can not turn off the spigot of toxins.

Humans have found or made 50 million different chemicals here on Earth, the vast majority after World War II. It took 33 years to get the first 10 million chemicals registered. A mere nine months to get the last 10 million chemicals into the database. (Every 2.6 seconds during 2009 a novel substance was registered). Are they all good for us???

A slight side road, watch this video on Mercury in fillings in teeth. Parsley is the best natural de-toxifier of Mercury, but we need to turn the Mercury “hose” off is we hope never to have to eat parsley again.

Redmond Natural has a clay/conditioner product that has an affinity for a lot of toxins. I can not say it gets them all, but it lowers our threshold dramatically. My cows consume 4 ounces per head per day. I put it in my socks every morning to detox while working, playing (yeah right-when does that happen), driving etc. Redmond sells it in gel caps for your consuming convenience. In my opinion, this is the most effective product for the price I have found that can help us TURN OFF THE TOXIN SPIGOT to our families’ lives.