“To Beef, or Not to Beef?”

…and now a word from our

Well, actually a look around motion pictures about great chefs, great products, great taste, and then a few movies about companies that don’t seem to have our health as their main focus. Whatever you are searching for, there is a veritable buffet of movies about food.

Over this past weekend I watched two new ones on Netflix.

Consumed is about Organic farming versus GMO’s (Danny Glover is the organic farmer.)

Steak Revolution is about the writer’s search for the 10 best steak eating experiences around the world. A pretty good movie. Some animal traits, feed programs, handling of the aniomals and a WHOLE lot of Chef egos involved.

The first “foodie” movie I ever really got into was “Eat, Drink, Man, Woman”   The first twenty minutes of meal preparation was mesmerizing to observe.

Anthony Bourdain suggests we just “take a break” for five minutes.

Enjoy your Sunday dinner.