What’s a person to do?

I received an email fromt Huckleberry Garden in McCall. Kind of suprised me, but hey, you can hear just about anything about anybody these days. What follows is her email exerpt …

Hi Steve, … Millie says that a woman came in who said that she had talked to you and that you grain finish your beef now, not grass finish anymore.  Is this correct?”
And Steve Replied…
No grain, ever…for 15 years!”
I started in the grass FINISHING fifteen years ago with the main focus of trying to get as many omega 3’s in the meat as possible. There have been quite a few other practices I have put into place over those interveening years …
~Regenerative practices which build biology and carbon and organic            matter in the soil.
~Animal friendly
~selection and development for tender flavorful beef
…but the over-riding goal is to maximize Omega 3’s.
Now I get people who come by the booth and ask the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished …and… what do you feed them before you finish them on grass?
This blog is to ensure my customers and readers that I do everything I can to maximize the amount of Omega 3’s in the meat I sell and to minimize the Omega 6’s … period.