Where is Whoopie Goldberg when you need her?

After reading a recent Dr. Mercola article, my mind went to how Whoopie had changed the chior so dramatically in the movie “Sister Act”

Perhaps she would come out of retirement for “Sinister Act” and we could finally get people’s attention drawn to a corporation in Monsanto Alabama.

A couple of excerpts from Dr. Mercola’s article…

In 2002, Monsanto was found guilty of decades of “outrageous acts of pollution” in the town of Anniston, Alabama, where it dumped PCBs into the local river and secretly buried the toxic chemical in a landfill.11

The charge of “outrageous” in Alabama law requires the act to be “so outrageous in character and extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency so as to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in civilized society.”


“In 1966 … Monsanto managers discovered that fish dunked in a local creek turned belly-up within 10 seconds, spurting blood and shedding skin as if dropped into boiling water. In 1969, they found a fish in another creek with 7,500 times the legal PCB level. But they never told their neighbors, and concluded that ‘there is little object in going to expensive extremes in limiting discharges’ …


Vermont passed a GMO labeling bill, but wait, don’t they use quite a bit of spray themselves?


And then Dr. Mercola’s article went on to say,

Impact of GE-Fed Dairy Cows

While there are many problems with CAFOs, the use of GE feed makes everything worse. As noted by Will Allen, one of the founders of Regeneration Vermont and author of the report, “There is no reason to use GMO corn.” Indeed, dairy farmers could opt for conventional corn or, even better, organic.

The cows would still suffer health problems since corn is not a natural food for them,…”


Caveat Emptor-“Let the buyer beware” still rings true today!