Where to find grass fed beef?

I see this question asked quite a bit these days. Ten years ago I was at a conference on Grass Finishing. The producer of the conference started out by saying, “Right now we are picking the low hanging fruit on the grass finished beef tree. Five years from now, there are going to be ten times as many people trying to pick that fruit. Our goal this weekend is to give you a ladder so that you will be producing Grass finished beef that is higher up in the tree (more quality)!  People one day will be asking ‘where to find Grass Fed Beef’ because it will be a big thing.”

So, back to the question. Where do I find (tender, flavorful, nutrient-rich) Grass Fed Beef? A farmers market is a very good place to start if you want to taste the meat before you jump in and buy a whole animal. Ground beef will tell you a lot about the cleanliness (Lack of chemical and hormones) and flavor of each producers wares. If you are going to buy a steak, don’t compare tenderloins because they are virtually always tender and the low fat content will not let you experience the “terrior” of the individual farms. I would suggest a New York Steak. Kind of a mid- price, fat and flavor piece of steak.

If that is not an option, I would suggest checking out www.eatwild.com and www.localharvest.org www.slowfood.com, etc.  All of these websites will allow you to find growers in your area who are actively seeking customers. You can find comments about the various growers and how others have enjoyed their beef. These website actually screen the producers for good practices before allowing them/us to advertise on their website(s). I am

Good luck!