Winter meat delivery again this Saturday

Hello again. This Saturday I will be delivering to the Southwest corner of the 10th and Grove Parking lot  at 1:00 pm. This week I will have my stock trailer attached (John Deere Green colored trailer) so I will be parking on 11th street next to the curb.

Please let me know if you would like me to bring anything for you.

or 208-315-4726

AND I get to pass along a comment from Jeff S., a new customer who moved to Boise from Colorado last fall …

Steve, this is the best beef we have ever had. I didn’t think anyone could top the beef we’ve been buying in Colorado the last few years, but yours has. The top Sirloin we just ate is better than most filet.”

I have come up with two or three more ideas for improving the nutritionally-optimized beef for 2017. There is just so much old stuff out there to rediscover!