Winter Saturday Deliveries

Starting on the 18th of January I will be making every-other-Saturday meat deliveries. And this year I will have a couple of other Farmer’s market regulars joining me at the 1:00 hour in the summer market location at 1500 Shoreline drive.

I will be delivering for Matthews Family Farms who provide wonderful Chicken, Lamb and Honey products. For more information on what they offer and to pre-order please email Patti Matthews

ALSO, Cynthia of C and G’s wild caught Alaska Salmon will be there in person. If you would like any of their products pre-order by email to Cynthia at

And of course for Tailor Made Beef products please pre-order by email to Steve at

NOTE: on February 1st the delivery time will be 11:00 AM

Tenderloin $17.50
Rib-eye $14.50
Flatiron $12.00
New York 11.50
Flank $11.00
Hanging Tender $10.00
Chuck-eye steak $9.50
Coulett steak $9.50
Shoulder tender $9.00
Top Sirloin Steak $9.00
Skirt Steak $8.00
Tri-Tip Roast $8.00
Chuck Roast $7.50
Cross-rib and Sirloin Tip roasts $7.00
Stew Meat $7.00
Brisket $6.50
Short Ribs $6.00
Osso Bucco $5.00

Thank you all very much for your past support!!!