Your “one in a thousand” … In this case, maybe not so good:-(

According to Dr. David Brownstein, 1/1000 people have a “negative reaction” (see bolded symptoms towards the bottom of this post) when supplementing with Iodine.

But why am I supplementing with iodine in the first place?” A number of thoughts come to mind, but for a complete list, get THE BOOK.

Iodine is a member of the Halide Group. Iodine (heaviest), Bromine, chlorine and Fluorine (lightest), make up this group. If the body has enough Iodine for all the necessary bodily functions, it will flush out those other members of the group. This farmer (ME) explains how it works with the following words; if we are deficient in Iodine, the body will try to use one of the other members (the others are in the body because of things like brominated bread, chlorinated water, fluoride in water and toothpaste … just the tip of the iceberg where these elements show up) of the halide group. P53 (the Guardian of OUR Galaxy, if it is still functioning) says, “That’s wrong) and throws it away, and we AGE a little faster than normal. At some point, when the deficiency is great and the number of attempts to create something needing Iodine from the halide group, P53 says, “OK, OK enough already, lets use that Fluorine.” and disease sets in. Dr. Richard Olree says Iodine prevents more disease than any other mineral and fluorine causes more disease than any other mineral.

Anyway, back to that one in a thousand thing. The majority of Americans are deficient in Iodine for bodily functions. It is always going to do it’s most important job first, which is detox. Whether that be Cesium from Fukashima (Boron is the best at detoxing radiation and much cheaper than Iodine) or Fluorine from its various sources. If we have adequaate amouts of Iodine going in, no problem. Problem is we lack iodine in our every day foods and the environmental toxins are using up what little we get.

If you want to know if you are deficient you can go to your doctor and get tested, or you can get a bit of Lugol’s Solution and put a 2″ dot of it on you forearm or leg. If it all disappears in  6-ish hours or less, you are probably Iodine deficient (Now this is the FARMER method of testing).

If you begin to supplement with Iodine and you get headaches, agitation, and palpitations … you are that one-in-1000 people who can’t handle Iodine.